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  Version: IPv4 Page Last Updated: Thu, 04-Apr-2013  




Generate PKI trustpoint

crypto pki trustpoint NETCONF.CO.UK
 enrollment selfsigned
 revocation-check none
 rsakeypair NETCONF.CO.UK-self-signed
crypto pki enroll NETCONF.CO.UK

Enable HTTPS

ip http server
ip http access-class 98
ip http authentication aaa
ip http secure-server
ip http path flash:
access-list 98 permit
access-list 98 deny any log

Create SSL Gateway

webvpn gateway SSL
 ip address INTERNET_ADDRESS port 443
 ssl trustpoint NETCONF.CO.UK

Create SSL Context's

webvpn context LETMEIN
 ssl authenticate verify all
port-forward "portlist"
 local-port 22 remote-server "" remote-port 22 description "SERVER1 SSH"
 local-port 80 remote-server "" remote-port 80 description "SERVER1 HTTP"
 policy group default
 port-forward "portlist"
 default-group-policy default
 gateway SSL domain letmein
 max-users 1

Then point a browser at The browser needs to be running SUN's Java version 5.something or greater


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